Senior Support Staff

Phil Smith - Senior Support Staff


Solid Ground

Phil is one of the senior support staff at our solid ground treatment program, and also manages our Oceanside Transitional housing program in White rock. Phil first came to us in 2018 seeking help, and quickly started volunteering and got on staff in short order. 

Phil is another one of our staff from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and enjoys many of the usual east coast pass times like camping and fishing. He had many blue collar jobs before joining us here at TWC, and couldn’t be happier to have the opportunity to help people on a day to day basis. Phil is happiest when he’s helping out the new guys or having coffee with his recovery network, and is always excited to get out in nature. You can usually find Phil at a meeting or joking around with his friends from recovery and work.  Phil’s most prized possession is a smoker which is used every weekend for BBQ’s at Oceanside.