Crane Wilson - Chef


Solid Ground

Crane was born in Kelowna BC and lived there until he was 20. After which he moved to Vancouver and worked in various kitchens from high end hotels to small restaurants. Some of the work was seasonal and allowed him to try other careers like painting on the highways and managing ski shops. His journey allowed him to travel the world and experience many cultures. After a few visits to various treatment centres around the province. Crane found himself at the TWC All My Relations program. Here he was reintroduced to his culture and heritage. Alongside his teachings he worked hard with staff to lay the groundwork on a solid recovery plan. Once that was in place he started volunteering in the kitchens of TWC. Crane is now working full time as a chef at Solid Ground. Here he is able to combine three very important aspects in his life. His love for cooking in a recovery environment while supporting others on their journey to a new life.