Sober Coaching

What is a sober coach?

A sober coach provides consistent personalized care guided by sober-living principles within a mentoring relationship. Sober coaching is seen as a valuable tool and harm reduction protocol. A coach helps people who are in the early stages of their recovery to feel supported; they receive guidance from someone who understands their challenges.

How can having a sober coach affect long-term sobriety?

Sober coaching supports long-term sobriety by providing personalized tools for sober living. Conflict management practices using real-life scenarios, a spectrum of healthy coping and self-care strategies, building confidence and self-esteem over time, and empowering clients find the value and motivation to live the life they seek, are all goals of the sober coaching relationship.

What type of individual may see great benefits from having a sober coach?

Individuals who struggle with chronic relapse, and those who want guidance, direction and accountability see great benefits from working with a sober coach. People who struggle with finding the motivation necessary to live a sober life; as well as, people who want additional support outside of the recovery community find that a sober coach really helps them move forward in their recovery.

Marc Dube

Marc Dube - Sober CoachOriginally from Coaldale, Alberta, Marc moved to Calgary in 2001 and after earning his journeyman plumbing and gas fitting tickets worked up to running his own small plumbing and gas fitting company.

In 2010 Marc moved to Kamloops with his family (wife, and two beautiful children). While in Kamloops, Marc managed an outside medical clinic for Dr. Conley, while running a home based medical billing company.

In 2014, Marc relocated to Vancouver where he began a new career with Together We Can. Marc has been involved in recovery and the recovery community since 2005. As Program Director of the Awakenings program and Operations Manager of the Elevate program, Marc is responsible for program planning, managing the counselling and support staff, and overseeing the care of primary residential treatment clients.

Marc leads client group facilitation sessions, conducts one-on-one sessions, corresponds/provides updates to the families of clients, and oversees the daily operations of Elevate Life Wellness. 

Kamal Singh

Kamal Singh - Sober Coach

Kamal has worked at Together We Can since 2016, and is a member of our Sober Coaching team. Kamal also develops community partnerships, oversees daily operations of the TWC Alliance program, and manages the TWC Lancaster transitional housing program.

Kamal provides case management to families, and aids in the progress of men with one-to-one sober/life coaching.

His interest in health, fitness, and nutrition can only be surpassed by his love for fresh air, ice cream and Slurpee’s. He is the proud father of two amazing teenagers; his son is a member of the Canadian Forces and his daughter is a high school student and budding soccer star.


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