Smudging & Acupuncture

Realign with Your Spirit

All My Relations Daily Smudging Ceremony


Each morning, All My Relations residents have the opportunity to participate in an Indigenous Smudge Ceremony.  Residents are “washed” with the sacred smoke of the sage, sweetgrass and Tobacco.  It is excellent cultural medication for meditation, divination, smudging, cleansing and purification.

White Broad-leaf Sage considered to be the king of all sages, and the ceremonial burning of it represents a ritual cleansing of physical space, objects and individuals.  The smoke generated attaches itself to negative energy and as the smoke dissipates, so does this negativity.  These smudging ceremonies promote individual cleansing, especially after a particularly energetically depleting day or experience.

Smudging & Acupuncture Therapy Program

The smudging/acupuncture treatment is a new program that is held twice a month with our residents and alumni at Together We Can. This combination of aromatherapy and holistic healing allows residents to achieve and experience a full body relaxation and rejuvenation of mind body and spirit.

cosmetic-acupuncture-for-menWe have seen participants benefiting from this combination in that the spiritual ceremony allows them to better respond to the acupuncture treatment that follows. The combined ancient practices of the East and the West is becoming one of the more popular ways for our residents to connect with their inner spirit – helping them to let go and heal.

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Acupuncture and Addictions

There is overwhelming evidence that supports acupuncture as an effective treatment for addiction and the symptoms of post-acute withdrawal present in early recovery. When combined with conventional forms of therapy, regular weekly treatments help the men in our program manage anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, and physical pain.

Dr. Kim Graham Dr.TCM
TWC Staff member Dr.Kim Graham, heads our Acupuncture Program, and is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. With eight years of education in Eastern and Western medicine, Dr. Graham is an expert in her field, and has hands-on experience with homelessness, addiction, and mental illness in Vancouver's DTES and at Harbour Light. She has been facilitating acupuncture treatments for men in early recovery since 2002, and is an expert at recreating balance and alignment for the processes within the human body. They are often heavily disturbed after periods of substance abuse.

Once a state of homeostasis is reached by tapping into specific power sources throughout the body, a greater level of healing and connectivity can occur. The men who participate in acupuncture report significant improvements in their overall health and many of them choose to continue treatment well beyond the early stages to support their ongoing recovery. Men who struggle with PTSD and other concurrent mental health disorders also demonstrate significant improvement when acupuncture is introduced to their specialized treatment programs.

Weekly acupuncture sessions also provide a time for men to practice meditation and constructive reflection essential to the spiritual growth desired for successful recovery.

If you have any questions or comments relating to Together We Can’s Acupuncture Program, feel free to contact Dr. Kim Graham at