Second Stage Transitional Housing – Client Testimonial

Living at the TWC recovery house has been the single most important decision and experience that I have been a part of coming out of treatment. These past 4.5 months living at the Victoria, BC house has transitioned me almost seamlessly from the bubble of treatment to the real life world. It has provided me with tremendous peer support through my early recovery, enough structure to hold me responsible for my meeting attendance and my weekly duties, and the leeway to go out and enjoy my new sober life with friends and family. I have experienced first hand what it takes to live with different people from all walks of life, helping me overcome some of my defects of character and bring to light some of my true values and principles that I strive to live by today. I personally know that I would not be where I am at today in my recovery without TWC and the fellowship that they have provided to me during my stay. They have equipped me with some important life skills that I had lost in my addiction which I will take with me into the next stage of my recovery. I forever owe a part of my sobriety and my life that I now thoroughly enjoy to TWC, Trevor F, and the rest of their staff. Thank you!



Matt A.

Second Stage Residential Housing Client

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