Second Stage Program Testimonial

My experience in TWC has been essential to reintegrate back into society. Over the
3.5 months spent in the house others have noticed continual emotional
development. A big component to this has been assisting others in the house,
extending a helping hand even when it’s not convenient. This has taught me the
responsibility of true friendship and it something I will carry with me forever.
The laughter, structure and camaraderie around the house have all helped me
continue to heal. I arrived at TWC still fearful but somehow by the end, I don’t
worry about old thoughts and fears that have once haunted me. This is the magic
that being kind and loving to all has freed me from, TWC second stage allowed me to
put this into practice and show it works-it really does!
It is my firm belief that time in a recovery house after treatment is one of the secret
ingredients to success in recovery. Why? It’s one of those things we all say we’ll
never do when starting on the road to recovery. The gifts that come our way when
we do things we don’t want to do are the greatest in life. Thank you, Trevor and the
rest of the TWC crew, I’m forever grateful!


  • Terrance F, Second Stage Residential Program client
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