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I would like to start this off with how I was living in the illusion of the fact that I was in control of my life. I was still employed and in a relationship but had a secret affair with my addiction…..A secret is what I thought it was. Everyone knew except me.

I still did not accept that I was an addict even when I was losing the respect of my spouse, my co-workers and even myself. I would not be willing to accept the fact that I had a sickness, a disease of addiction, until I lost everything. I had hit what they called bottom.

I came to TOGETHER WE CAN and they taught me that together with people that had the same sickness of addiction could achieve a manner of living through hard work.  I found out that my fellow brother, father, or uncle could live a  life of joy, happiness, and peace to be the best men we can be.

Through honesty, willingness, and being open-minded to a new way of life I could develop a spiritual path to recovery which would require hard work but tremendous benefit to myself and all the people in my life.

I owe everything to the care and concern and especially the love of all the staff/clients like myself for their support through the biggest struggle and journey of my life.



With sincere thanks to TWC,

Roger R.

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