Residential Treatment

A safe place to get your life back together

Together We Can Addiction Recovery & Education Society was founded in 1993 and since then has become one of Canada’s leading treatment centres for men. Located in Metro Vancouver, TWC’s mission is to educate and support men and families who struggle with the challenges of substance misuse, and desire a new life in recovery.

Successful with our Residential Addiction Recovery programTWC provides over 300 men with abstinence-based recovery programs and supportive housing opportunities in a therapeutic residential setting. Our addiction recovery programs, transitional housing, and aftercare initiatives provide residents with an integrated approach to rehabilitation.

TWC is a licensed healthcare service provider through Vancouver Coastal Health, and is well established as a reputable destination where men can truly begin to create change in their lives and rebuild their family relationships.

Residential Addiction Recovery Program

Located in Vancouver, participants live as part of a supportive residential community where they participate in group therapy and an integrated rehabilitation program. Our goal is to help participants discover new mental, emotional and spiritual beliefs which are the foundation for recovery. Read More

Transitional Housing Program

Together We Can offers a number of transitional housing recovery homes for our clients to transition into once their initial treatment process has concluded. These homes are dispersed throughout Greater Vancouver which creates a situation where specific client needs can be met. Men who are given an opportunity to live in one of our transitional homes are given a “launching pad” of sorts to ease their transition back into society. Read More

Vancouver Island Transitional Housing

Together We Can is extremely proud of its Transitional Housing Program and ensures that clients living in our homes are given every opportunity to succeed on a daily basis. Read More

Alliance Program

Clients at Alliance are introduced to new concepts on a weekly basis which correlate to the “theme of the week” being presented during process group sessions. This approach leads clients to a comprehensive understanding of the core principles encompassed in each step. Participants capture and express not only their thoughts, but the emotions that are generated as a by-product of engrained thought patterns. Read More

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