An Oasis For Women

Lorraine’s Place is a safe, Supportive Recovery Community for women located on Vancouver Island.

The female house of Recovery Victoria, it is a fantastic environment to live in the safety of recovery, enjoy the products of fellowship, and get on with living your most prosperous and free life.

Women's Recovery

The Environment

After completing a 60, 90 or an 120 day program, women are able to come to Lorraine’s Place for long term living in a structured environment. Our beautifully decorated home in the heart of Victoria is designed to be a sanctuary where the next phase of your life truly begins.

Not only will you have everything you need, we are able to cater to your dietary, social, employment and volunteering needs while you’re a client here.

Only 4 or 5 women live at Lorraine’s Place at any given time, so you’ll make friends, learn to get along, support one another, and all be on this journey together. You’ll always have the ear of our House Manager and be able to discuss any issues or things that you are hoping to accomplish. Mentors are available, and so are Counsellors and Therapists if needed.

Your success is our number one priority; while we’ll keep you accountable to your end of the bargain, you can hold us accountable to ours. We’ll be here for you.


Our Supported Recovery home, Lorraine’s Place,  allows clients who have completed their primary treatment program an opportunity to transition from a structured environment back into the community and a life of independence. We accept clients who have graduated from any program or who have established sobriety on their own. Most of all, we expect that clients are serious about changing their life and are ready to be a part of the program.

The beautiful house on Vancouver Island serves as a launching pad for women to explore work, volunteering, and educational opportunities. We offer women a safe living environment with an unmatched level of stability and structure, thus increasing the odds of maintaining long-term sobriety.

Woman's Recovery Community in Vancouver

Clients entering our supported recovery homes must adhere to a comprehensive continuing care plan which entails following up on volunteer, vocational or educational opportunities. They are also required to attend a minimum of three recovery meetings per week and also must participate in a weekly in-house meeting. Clients will be screened randomly to verify abstinence.

The home will be managed by a client designated a ‘House Manager’ who will ensure that clients adhere to rules and remain active in their recoveries. Completing treatment and returning to work or school is often challenging. Our supported recovery program offers a safe, community-based setting for men to begin the next phase of their recovery.

Clients will have open lines of contact to the Vancouver Island Operations Manager, who is listed below.

Trevor Franklin

Tel: 1-250-507-1213

Vancouver Island Operations Manager