Recovery Speaker Jam – 40 Stories

Sharing Stories of Success

Together We Can is getting excited for the upcoming PNWCNA 40 Speaker Jam on November 5th! 

We have purchased 40 tickets to give first-stage residents the opportunity to get inspired about positive change. The men at TWC benefit greatly from hearing success stories from those who have walked the path of recovery before them and always leave events like this feeling spiritually invigorated and hopeful.

Alumni who establish solid relationships in the recovery community benefit from a fellowship of support and guidance that elevates and enhances their recovery to new heights.

All funds raised from this event go directly towards funding the 40th Pacific North West Convention of Narcotics Anonymous which will be held at the Vancouver Hyatt Regency Hotel Oct 6th to 8th in 2017.

Come out and support NA on November 5th at the Sapperton Hall in New Westminster for a pancake breakfast, speakers, dance and more! This is also a great way to get involved with service and find out about opportunities throughout Greater Vancouver. Tickets will definitely sell out so get yours soon!

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