RECOVERY LIFE – Fall & Winter 2016


After an amazing Summer of fun and fellowship, TWC is gearing up for the change of seasons, and the holidays; the time of year when friends and families need each other most. We have had so many inspiring adventures in 2016, and plan to have many, many more in 2017.  LEAD a Recovery Life.

TWC Alumni Retreat – Mountain View

Don Presland and Rodrigo Rementeria from the TWC Alliance Program had a vision that began earlier this year – A recovery retreat for TWC Alumni.

On November 25th to November 27th of this year, this vision was realized and 20 TWC alumni took part in a weekend of fun, fellowship and connections at the Mountain View Country House in Chilliwack. READ MORE

TWC Supporting our Community – BWSS

In support of BWSS Battered Women’s Support Services Together We Can organized a RIDE preceding The Recovery Day Street Festival on September 10th at 6th and 6th in New Westminster.

Battered Women’s Support Services have been helping girls and women in distress find peace and stability for over 35 years. The wonderful people at BWSS provide a safe and supportive forum for women to heal and remove themselves from violent situations. READ MORE

Alumni Outreach – TWC Street Team

A group of TWC Alumni, led by Rodrigo Rementeria, have started an initiative to visit Greater Vancouver’s most impoverished areas with the goal of helping the less fortunate survive the winter months.

This compassionate group of men have handed out sandwiches, socks and other necessities in an effort to provide some comfort and care during hard times. Motivated by a need to “pay it forward” and “be of service”, volunteers are driven by their own personal experiences and the impact of the current fentanyl crisis in Greater Vancouver.

These fine young gentleman are definitely role models, selflessly devoting their time and energy to help alienated and marginalized segments of the population. READ MORE

Addiction Matters – National Addiction Awareness Week

The theme presented during National Addiction Awareness Week this year was “Addiction Matters.” This is especially appropriate and timely considering the wave of recent fentanyl relapses among drug users.

Addiction is a disease that burns away in the light of understanding, acceptance and action. With misguided views and social stigmas continuing to prevail, the importance of educating society on the true nature of addiction is a monumental challenge. In order to provide the most effective level of care to those suffering at the hands of this illness, people in the recovery community are embracing National Addictions Awareness Week as medium to spread a message of hope. READ MORE

The Voter’s Have Spoken – Pride 2016 Awards

The viewers have spoken and the results are official! With over 250 entries submitted, Together We Can and the Last Door Recovery Society have been awarded the Viewer’s Choice Award for their float entries in the 2016 Vancouver Pride Parade!

Our float’s truly were crowd-pleasers this year as onlookers jumped to the music, cheered and clapped for the great energy displayed. A special brand of passion and unity was presented by members of the recovery community who came out to support such this amazing event. READ MORE

Make a Difference In Someone Else’s Recovery

Volunteering and staying connected to Together We Can is a vital aspect of recovery for men completing our Residential Treatment Program. Once clients have successfully concluded their stay, they will have the opportunity to assist with Together We Can’s mission in a number of different ways. There is always someone who needs a hand up.

Networking opportunities in the recovery community are limitless as a volunteer, and for many this position leads to employment and educational opportunities. READ MORE

Athletes In Recovery – The Nathan MacMaster Story

I never thought I would be an alcoholic and a drug addict. I grew up in a loving & caring home. I excelled in school. Like most young Canadian kids, I had aspirations of being an NHL hockey player

I had everything a young kid with his whole life ahead of him could ever imagine. But for some obscure reason, I never felt whole. I felt like I never fit in, I felt alone and different. I behaved certain ways to try and fill this void but nothing would suffice. At 14 years old I had my first drink, and all of a sudden I was whole. READ MORE

Men’s Trauma Centre Welcomes Olympian

The link between trauma and addiction is a very real and well documented phenomenon. Dr. Gabor Mate, addiction specialist, has worked extensively with abused addicts on Vancouver’s notorious Downtown Eastside.

He cites childhood trauma as one of the determining factors in the likelihood a person will become addicted to substances later in life. We as a society are becoming increasingly more aware of how addiction originates and manifests itself.

We as a society are becoming increasingly more aware of how addiction originates and manifests itself. READ MORE

Safe Injection Sites on the Rise: CBC News

The latest figures from the B.C. Coroners Service show 622 fatalities between Jan. 1 and Oct. 31 this year, in that province alone.

Health authorities are on edge with the recent surge in overdose deaths and have recently confirmed the presence of carfentanyl on Vancouver streets. It’s far more powerful than the already feared fentanyl. The latest figures from the B.C. Coroners Service show 622 fatalities between Jan. 1 and Oct. 31 this year, in that province alone. READ MORE

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TWC apparel is on sale now – we have toques, shorts, hoodies, t-shirts and golf shirts available at a discounted price. Both functional and stylish, our apparel is made with high quality materials at an affordable price.

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Upcoming Sobriety Milestones

  • James Murphy – 4 years – Resident Services – November 21st, 2016
  • Justin Jackson – 2 years – Addictions Counsellor – November 13, 2016th
  • Michael Cain – 2 years – Resident Services – October 31st, 2016
  • Lou Grant – 2 years – Addictions Counsellor – October 28th, 2016
  • Jonny Neufeld – 1 year – Intake Services – November 29th, 2016
  • Kamal Singh – 1 year – Support Services – November 28th, 2016
  • Jonathon Nolie – 1 year – Kitchen Staff – December 24th, 2016
  • Andrea Gallant – 17 years – Accounting Department – Dec 26, 2016
  • Jeffery Norell – 12 years – Addictions Counsellor – January 7th, 2017
  • Mark Oliviera – 6 years – Intake Services – January 6th, 2017
  • Carol Anne Turbitt – 25 years – Addictions Counsellor – January 6th, 2017

NA New Year’s Eve Dance

The West Coast Area of NA Activities Commitee has been working hard to organize the 2016 NA New Year’s Eve Dance at the Yaletown Roundhouse in Downtown Vancouver.

Come on down and enjoy an amazing light show, DJ’s, dancing and other performers. The energy is always great at these events – join us and take in the New Year in style! READ MORE

Join Us at The Last Originals Show of 2016!

Please join us for an evening of live performances, celebrating the arts in recovery! 8:30pm-10:30pm Friday, Dec 16th at the Vancouver Alano Club – 1525 W 7th Ave, Vancouver.

In celebration of the holidays, there will some tasty treats laid out during the intermission for everyone to enjoy. This will be the last show of 2016. We have some bigger and better ideas coming in 2017 for The Originals. Stay tuned!!!!

If you are interested in performing, call Matt at 604-358-7843 to get on the performer list.

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