Recovery Education

Learn how to get sober, and stay sober.

Together We Can Addiction Recovery & Education Society was founded in 1993 and since then has become one of Canada’s leading treatment centres for men. Located in Metro Vancouver, TWC’s mission is to educate and support men and families who struggle with the challenges of substance misuse, and desire a new life in recovery.

Moving on from past drug & alcohol problemsTWC provides over 300 men with abstinence-based recovery programs and supportive housing opportunities in a therapeutic residential setting. Our addiction recovery programs, transitional housing, and aftercare initiatives provide residents with an integrated approach to rehabilitation.

TWC is a licensed healthcare service provider through Vancouver Coastal Health, and is well established as a reputable destination where men can truly begin to create change in their lives and rebuild their family relationships.

Addiction Recovery Program

After the initial intake process and treatment assessments are completed, residents are given a tour and an orientation package which outlines program requirements, rules and a daily schedule of activities. The treatment assessment helps the counselling staff to identify specific issues and challenges that individuals will focus on in their early recovery. Read More

Family Support Program

TWC offers a comprehensive, four session Family Program geared towards helping family members better understand addictive behaviour. Many people impacted by a loved one’s addiction feel utterly confused and helpless. They wonder “where they went wrong” or “what they could have done differently” to prevent the individual’s catastrophic decline. Read More

Aftercare Planning

Residents who are nearing the end of their stay work with their counsellors to create a comprehensive and realistic aftercare plan. Each individual plan provides a series of specific requirements tailored to ensure ongoing success and growth in recovery. Read More

Career & Financial Skills

Clients participate in mock interviews and are given strategies for successfully navigating future situations as prospective employees. Participants are given help constructing resumes and cover letters tailored to appeal to potential employers. Read More

Life Skills Training

In this class, we examine how we go about rebuilding our lives in a personalized setting. This includes how we rebuild relationships, re-discover what is important to us, how to follow our passions, and create the life we want to lead. Read More

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