Repairing Financial Wreckage

The Importance of Repairing Financial Wreckage

One of the realities of living in active addiction is the fact that our financial obligations are completely disregarded in our efforts to support the habit. Often loans are taken out from small lending establishments and bills are left unpaid until the utilities are cut off and collection letters litter the payment demands.  An unfortunate but common anomaly among addicts is serious financial debt.

One of the challenges after entering treatment is trying to dig your way out of debt and begin to establish financial security. For many of us, spending habits are compulsive and we lack the ability to manage our finances in a responsible fashion. Sometimes the debt load is so severe it causes panic and worry that can affect our progress in early recovery.

Recently Together We Can has had the pleasure of working with Mary Van Someren. Mary is the branch manager at Vancouver Community Credit Union and was more than willing to come into our facility and run a small workshop on the importance of rebuilding credit, credit management and bank account management. Mary comes highly recommended as she has helped many people clean up their financial wreckage.  This is a huge step in helping the gentlemen at Together We Can to better understand the importance of clearing ourselves from financial bondage.

TWC is pleased to have the opportunity to build this new relationship with Mary and the Greater Vancouver Community Credit Union.  We will continue to hold workshops on financial stability with hopes that it may help take the stress off the clients while focusing on their stay here at TWC.

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  1. Working in acquiring financial stability is one of the key components of building self-esteem. Bravo to the staff of TWC for recognizing and providing these gentlemen with someone from the banking sector who is willing to help by sharing her expertise and advice. Awesome!!

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