Admission to the program is open to anyone who has completed the primary care curriculum at one of TWC's many programs. The individual will learn how to become a responsible member of our recovery society and give back to the newcomer. Generally, the client will begin the volunteer classes once they are 60 to 90 days into their treatment, and we aim to have them through the program 45 days after commencement.

The orientation class lays out what is expected, and the subsequent modules help volunteers enhance their skill set in a variety of ways. The 4 core modules are communication, boundaries, life balance, and risk assessment. Volunteers come through the classroom phase with a broad set of new skills and will be certified in the use of Naloxone. Once graduated, the volunteers undergo a rigorous 60 hours of shadow shifts to thoroughly familiarize themselves with the environment. By the end of the program, the volunteer is equipped to be a mentor.

The Volunteer Program is the initial step for clients who may be interested in working in the treatment & recovery industry. Once all the criteria have been met, the candidate receives certification as a volunteer and has the ability to receive formal training to work at Together We Can and be compensated.