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TWC recognizes that alcoholism and chemical dependency are chronic progressive diseases and that abstinence is only the beginning of the recovery process.

This process requires a major shift from a belief system that keeps men stuck to one that helps them recover. Participants must work to develop an awareness of how their thinking can block their recovery from addiction. Addicts and alcoholics must take responsibility for making choices that lead to new beliefs and wellness.

A key aspect of this process entails learning how to heal interpersonal relationships. The shift in perspective from one of separation to one of being “part-of” heals the individual and connects them to essential spiritual principles.

TWC provides a loving therapeutic environment that offers each participant every opportunity to recover.

Residential Treatment

Located in Vancouver, treatment participants live as part of a supportive residential community where they participate in group therapy and an integrated rehabilitation program. Our goal is to help participants discover new mental, emotional and spiritual beliefs which are the foundation for recovery.

The Primary Residential Treatment Program accommodates adult men who share five comfortable homes in a quiet residential neighbourhood.  Clients will be expected to adhere to a structured program that slowly allows for more freedom as they progress through the curriculum and work with their counsellors.

The Transitional Housing Program consists of a number of homes where clients can transition from the structured environment of residential treatment back into the community.  This is a great place to get back to leading a productive life while still being supported by an environment of men who wish maintain a clean lifestyle.  The transitional housing program is encouraged but optional.

Alliance Program

Our Alliance Program moves away from our Primary Residential Treatment and Transitional Housing Model and places the individual into a smaller group unit for a longer period of time.  The group has access to all the same counselling and family programs and also must adhere to strict principles, but there is a more open schedule allowing clients to pursue goals outside of the treatment curriculum.  This program is solely reserved for those who call in advance, undergo a risk assessment interview,  and are able to pay a higher premium due to the increased cost of running these services.

Family Program

The Family Program offers evening sessions to assist family members in further understanding addiction and the recovery process. Addiction is a disease that affects the whole family, including friends and those who may be close.  This program is for the family to learn to heal as they have been adversely affected by the addict’s behaviour.

Our family program is run by a certified professional and will allow the participant to learn more about the process of addiction and recovery, as well as focus on other mental issues that may be present for their loved one.  Most importantly the program gives the participant a chance to see that they are not alone in suffering, being abused, or misunderstanding what has been happening during their loved one’s active addiction.

Whether or not you have been to an Al-anon support group or other family support meeting it is strongly recommended that you inquire about these programs if you have a loved one in addiction.

Interventions & After Care

Interventions were popularized by the TV shows Intervention, and Intervention Canada, but they have been around much longer.  Interventions are very useful tools to help a family and a loved one overcome the obstacles of facing the problem by bringing everyone together with an accredited professional.  Interventions generally have a success rate of over 80% and are useful not only to show your loved one that you care and want to help them, but they are also therapeutic for the family who feels they just don’t know how to help. Interventions can be arranged for anywhere in North America.  Feel free to inquire about them here: Drug & Alcohol Interventions

Aftercare is anything that a client or family might like to extend their healing after treatment.  Often it’s as simple as regular counselling sessions (one-on-one and/or in group), chaperon services, drug and alcohol monitoring etc.  If there is something you feel you might require please feel free to call or email us and ask.

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