Preventable Deaths: Inside B.C.’s Fentanyl Crisis



CBC Investigates presents “Preventable Deaths: Inside B.C.’s Fentanyl Crisis.” Tune in to this special multi-platform series on CBC Radio’s The Early Edition, CBC Vancouver News, or follow the series online at

Saturday, September 10: Broken Rehab Promise – In the context of public health crisis, did B.C. blow its chance to prevent an estimated 800 overdose deaths this year in B.C. alone, where deaths are up 73% over last year?


Sunday, September 11: What do you get, where, in B.C.

Monday, September 12:  Desperate Search for Beds – Despite overdosing 11 times, Bryson Diaz has been unsuccessful at finding a bed at a rehab facility. CBC Investigates provides an in-depth analysis of the availability and affordability of opioid addiction treatment in B.C.

Tuesday, September 13: First Responders’ Frustration – Imagine saving someone’s life twice, even three times in one night. First responders share their frustrations with the “band aid” solutions to the increasing number of overdoses from fentanyl.

fentanylposterWednesday, September 14: Detox is Deadly – Many Canadians who have died of homemade fentanyl are individuals who recently detoxed and relapsed. Can something be done to prevent this? We hear the first-hand accounts from family members who have lost a loved one and expert opinions on why this is happening.

Thursday, September 15: Lone Convict – An in-depth profile of the one man who has been convicted of dealing fentanyl in B.C.

Friday, September 16: Why Aren’t Methadone/Suboxone/Naloxone Free for Everyone? – Prescriptions to curb fentanyl cravings for individuals with addictions can be hard to come by, and often come at a high cost. Should they be subsidized by the government?

Saturday September 17: Ideology and InSite – Analysis on the rise of fentanyl.

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