Outdoor Adventure and Recreation

thumb_P1140617_1024Together We Can offers opportunities for our clients to explore and experience the power of British Columbia’s pristine wilderness. Led by TWC Staff and Volunteers, clients have the chance to get some fresh air and engage in easy to moderate hikes and climbs around the Greater Vancouver Area that include Burnaby Mountain, Buntzen Lake, Alouette Lake, Stawamus chief and trails in Stanley Park. Men at Together We Can partake in monthly camping trips during the summer which are especially relevant for those interested in the spiritually invigorating power of nature.

outdoor-rec-5Concepts and traditions of aboriginal spirituality are imparted by our counsellors and local elders who facilitate sweat lodge and smudging ceremonies. Staff who lead clients on these excursions impart their experience, strength and hope based on their own successful journeys in recovery. The majestic and inspirational feelings that surface on a wilderness hike or basking in the heat of a campfire help clients at Together We Can move past old beliefs and preconceived notions. Our philosophy is that recovery from substance abuse continues outside of the group room and counselling office. Men in our Residential Treatment Program are shown the necessity of forming solid, lasting relationships with their brothers.

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