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Why not show up to this year’s Originals Christmas Show in style? Outfit yourself or a first-stage client at Together We Can with the latest in our trademark apparel. All proceeds from apparel sales and ticket sales at Originals Shows will be donated to the Vancouver Recovery Club. Providing a newcomer with a shirt, hoodie, or toque is a great way to give during this holiday season. We strongly encourage Together We Can alumni to come by and make a connection with newcomers in our Residential Treatment Program. A small contribution on your part can provide our residents with the sense of unity we so adamantly try to foster here at Together We Can. Please feel free to come by Together We Can in person or fill out an order form available here. Toques are $15, t-shirts are $20, and hoodies are $40. We hope to see you at the Christmas Originals Show united with these common threads!


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