Online Recovery Network – “In the Rooms”

TWC is spreading the word about an online recovery network called “In the Rooms.” Users who log onto this global recovery community will have access to a vast array of media, fellowship and information. Registering for this network is a great way to stay in touch with people who may not be present in your local recovery community. TWC is built on the principles of unity and compassion for one another; “In the Rooms” offers the perfect online platform to apply these ideals and make others in recovery feel “a part of.” If you are in a remote location and desperately need to connect with people simply log onto your account to gain anonymous access to online meetings. AA and NA meetings are offered online from all over the world allowing users to hear a message of recovery when they need it the most. Please go to and register for a free account. Users will be granted free access to Daily Meditations, Speaker Tapes, and Daily Online Video AA/NA meetings. TWC wholeheartedly supports initiatives unifying those who seek out a new and better way of life.

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