North Shore Round Up

This Easter weekend, Together We Can provided over 100 of its clients and alumni with tickets and transportation to and from the 44th Annual North Shore Roundup . Our goal was to show the new members of recovery how to get out, have fun and meet new people in a safe and sober environment.

The first North Shore round up was held in a small church in North Vancouver in 1972 with only 30 people in attendance. Since then, it has grown to sell over 2000 tickets a year and bring in people from all over. The round up unites the community of Alcoholics Anonymous and inspires growth on an individual level.

Events began Friday night with a countdown – a tally of the total combined days of sobriety of all the people in attendance.  At the end of the tally, all attendees with one, two or three days clean were asked to step on stage and receive a new “Big Book” – the iconic 12-step manual of Alcoholics Anonymous. Two of our newest clients from Together We Can were among those lucky people and, along with their new book, they received a standing ovation from over 2600 people. What an absolutely amazing way to be introduced to the rooms of alcoholics anonymous. On Saturday, the grand total of the countdown was revealed with an amazing 9500 years of clean time.

This year at the round up the key-note speakers came from all over North America to impart their wisdom on the importance of step work. They reminded me that substance abuse is merely a symptom of a much more complex disease. The real problem lies in the negative core beliefs we develop through life and step work is the answer to these beliefs. It frees us from our past and provides us a new way to live. In this we gain a sense of relief, more confidence and motivation to help others find the same freedom.

The weekend was an absolute blast! From the al-anon meetings to the key-note speakers to the dances on Friday and Saturday night. I could not have asked for more from the North Shore Round Up and I look forward to next year.

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