Brad presenting his logo for the indigenous All My Relations drug and alcohol addiction recovery centre

The Making of the All My Relations Logo

Discovering A Hidden Talent

A year and a half ago, Brad turned to Together We Can for help with his addiction. Originally from Winnipeg, Brad is of Metis descent and was vaguely familiar with his cultural roots as he was growing up. Having spent the past 10 years living in various places across western Canada, Brad came to Vancouver with the intention to advance his career in construction. Unfortunately, he was mired in a substance use disorder that caught up to him. After having been suspended from his job, Brad was living on a beach in Vancouver when he decided one day to call Together We Can for help. His plea for help was answered and he was offered a spot at TWC main centre right away. From there, he was able to improve in a dramatic way and his life has changed for the better. During treatment, Brad rediscovered his artistic talents during art therapy group.  He was always intrigued by aboriginal art and had learned some west coast art styles while living on the west coast.

One day while in treatment, TWC’s Marketing Manager happened to notice Brad drawing in his sketchpad. After having a closer look at all his art, Brad was asked if he would like to collaborate on the logo-design for the TWC All My Relations program. It was decided that the bear, which represents courage and strength should be the motivation – two attributes that one needs to be successful in fighting addiction. The logo, which draws upon west coast art style fits the theme of TWC All My Relations very closely which is that diverse nations of indigenous people can feel welcome and heal from their addictions at Together We Can. Brad is now a member of TWC’s alumni community and is dedicating himself to his artistic passions on a full-time basis. Art is taking him in a new direction. You see, beyond the creation of the AMR logo, Brad rekindled his artistic side while at TWC when he decided that he would design a distinctive hoodie to wear.  People saw him wearing this hoodie and asked him whether he would make them one.

Now it has morphed into a full-fledged clothing line called Suspect Apparel which is attracting customers from as far away as Australia and Singapore. What was originally a side hobby is now set to become a clothing line that will soon be in a retail marketplace. Brad does not forget the recovery community and is still active at TWC with mentoring new clients. As he forges ahead with his talents, he is sure to become a role model and mentor in the Aboriginal community. For more information about Suspect Apparel, please visit

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