Neurofeedback Therapy

Neurofeedback Therapy is a method of treatment proven to be helpful for those struggling with mental health and addiction issues.

The therapy relies on EEG (electroencephalography) feedback which displays electrical impulse activity in the brain. When electrical activity in the brain can be readily observed a situation is created where real-time “brain-training” can occur.

Neurofeedback Therapy is a method of treatment proven to be helpful for those struggling with mental health and addiction issues.The human brain is a vastly complex and remarkably mechanism which has the ability to literally change itself. Quantitatively measuring brain activity clearly illustrates how an individual’s emotional state, thought patterns, and behavioural responses are intertwined.

Testimonials from patients who utilized neurotherapy illustrate it is effective in treating a number of issues including anxiety, depression, obsessive thinking, and sleep problems. It is obvious, especially to those in recovery from addiction, that our brains have been altered and compromised due to substance misuse, stress, and a poor overall quality of life.

Neurofeedback treatment effectively targets specific areas in one’s brain to create desired effects. Changing the underlying destructive and negative thought patterns that plague people suffering from addiction allows for a more positive outlook and renewed hope. When neurotherapy is combined with traditional forms of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and a Twelve Step based treatment model, the resulting benefits can be truly remarkable. Working with a professional trained in neurotherapy can provide relief when other forms of treatment fail to produce lasting results.

Penny Hyndman - Neurofeedback

Penny Hyndman is a graduate of the Vancouver Hospital School of Nursing and brings a wealth of experience and diverse training to her Neurofeedback work. Her experience includes working in both residential and community settings with men, women and youth that are identified as having substance abuse and mental health issues.

Penny has extensive experience in primary treatment of addictive disorders, case management, cognitive behavioral therapy, Neurofeedback, relapse prevention and co-occurring disorders. A master at connecting with her gentle and non-judgmental presence, Penny creates a space for releasing and healing limiting beliefs that affect the body, mind and spirit.

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