My Second Family

Easter weekend has come and gone and for myself, the holidays can be tough. I was born and raised in Toronto; it’s where my family resides. I came to BC roughly a year and a half ago to start a new life, a clean and sober life, and the hardest part was leaving my family back on the east coast.

The amazing thing about my time at TWC is that I have found a different kind of family. TWC offers an environment full of men fighting to better their lives and these men have welcomed me into their lives at the center and their family lives at home. I’ve found that in this wide circle of people I never have to feel alone again. I have gained so many great friends that I can proudly call family today. Friends that I never imagined I would have just over 5 months ago.

This Easter weekend I had a great time with some of my second family. We enjoyed the simple things in life like hiking the Grouse Grind. Not to mention the North Shore Round up where I danced for the first time in my sobriety! We receive so many gifts when we choose to get clean and sober and for me, my most treasured gift is the second family i have gained.

I wish you all another 24 and a big thank you to all the amazing people in my life that have helped make me an extremely happy and grateful man today!

Peter B.

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  1. Dad & I are very proud of you, Peter. We wish you a long fulfilling life of sobriety, peace, happiness & love, and believe that you will play it forward always.
    Mom & Dad

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