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Our Music Therapy program provides an opportunity for our residents to share their personal experiences through a creative medium in a safe, positive, and dynamic group setting. The facilitators’ main focus is to ignite your passions, drive, and purpose through love and appreciation of music.

Guitar Based Music TherapyThe Music Therapy program currently runs from 2-4pm on Friday afternoons at Together We Can, and encourages healing through music creation and appreciation. The only requirement is a love for something that gives you a sense of purpose.

Our various tastes in music often help to describe us as individuals, and can assist in identifying regrets, hopes, dreams, happiness, and strengths which are common among all of us in recovery.

Many individuals who participate in this program go on to perform at TWC’s “The Originals”, a bi-monthly musicians showcase held at the Vancouver Recovery Club, Vancouver Alano Club, and the North Shore Alano Club. It serves as a forum for those wishing to perform their artistic abilities. All performers in Recovery are welcome.

We have found that music helps our clients appreciate the camaraderie of like-minded men with whom to share stories, aspirations, and feelings. Participants in the Music Therapy program create unique sounds, styles, beats, and tempos that intertwine to create a lasting and powerful sense of connection. Music provides a source of comfort, strength, and understanding; which are pillars on the journey to recovery

Matt Rands - Addictions Counsellor, MusicianMatt Rands, CCAC

Addictions Counsellor, Musician

Matt has been with TWC since 2014. Using his twenty-four years’ experience with addiction and recovery, Matt took this knowledge and has applied it at VCC’s Substance Abuse Counselling Program. Matt specializes in one-on-one counselling for primary residential treatment clients and is proficient regarding issues such as trauma, self-worth, and grief. He has also attained a designation as a Canadian Certified Addiction Counsellor (CCAC) from the CACCF. He is also the founder and a co-facilitator of TWC’s Music Therapy Program where he encourages clients to experience the highly therapeutic qualities of music.

If you would like more information about this program feel free to email Matt Rands at

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