Michael Walsh

Michael Walsh

Michael Walsh

Certified Addictions Specialist (Vancouver Island)

Michael provides collaborative recovery management solutions including medical monitoring, recovery coaching and substance use assessments to individuals, families, employers, treatment centres, disability and occupational health providers, government agencies and private companies. Michael’s previous work experience involves working with clients in various stages of change and recovery: acute medical detox, stabilization, second-stage housing, community-based support groups and non-profits. Along with his own personal experience with substance abuse and success in recovery, Michael is a certified Addiction Recovery Coach and DATAC Certified Specimen Collector.

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Medical Monitoring

Based on an independent medical evaluation and recommendations from an Addiction Medical Specialist, the Monitored Recovery Agreement (MRA) developed includes point-of-collection biological testing with a DATAC Certified Specimen Collector, accountability sessions with a monitoring specialist, liaising with treatment teams, Pharmanet reviews, and verification of attendance at self-help support groups or counselling sessions. The purpose of monitoring is to verify compliance of the MRA and bolster commitment to long-term individualized treatment plans.

Knowing their substance use is being monitored can be a powerful incentive for my clients and is a proven relapse prevention tool. Recovery Monitoring Services also provide an early indication of a return to substance use, signalling a possible need to adjust an individual’s treatment plan to better meet his or her needs and/or the requirements of the monitoring agreement.

Referrals for monitoring are welcomed from occupational and disability management health providers, physicians, insurance companies, employers and legal firms.

Recovery Coaching

Whether utilized by individual clients or as a component of all Monitored Recovery Agreements, recovery coaching provides accountability through a collaborative strengths-based approach for individuals struggling with substance misuse. Nobody can anticipate or address all of the potential issues that will arise in early recovery. With a plan in place, utilizing the accountability partnership of a Recovery Coach can be one of the most effective tools in sustaining long-term recovery. Recovery Coaching assists every step of the way by providing support between one-on-one sessions via text, e-mail, instant messaging and telephone. Recovery coaching helps accelerate people’s progress by providing greater focus and awareness on personal choices, actions and responsibility related to their lifestyle change.  It is important to note that recovery coaching is not a standalone relationship and further support for clients in the form of counselling or professional psychiatric help will be facilitated as required.

Substance Use Screening & Assessments

Full assessments are made which take into account the psychological and social history of clients in order to make informed treatment decisions. Industry standard tools used are: AUDIT, CAGE, MAST, DAST and ADS.

Point of Collection Testing (POCT)

Immune assay, saliva and hair samples are collected and analyzed for the presence of substances. All POCT testing is conducted by a DATAC Certified Specimen Collector using strict chain-of-custody protocols.

Confirmatory (lab based)

Urine and hair samples are collected and analysed for the presence of substances. All non-negative results sent to a lab are reviewed by a Medical Review Officer.


Institutional clients include: Municipal Government, disability management services, human resource departments, treatment centres, unions and several private enterprises

Individual clients Include: oil and gas workers, construction workers, healthcare workers, realtors, high-tech industry workers, retail workers, municipal government employees, entrepreneurs and managers




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