Men’s Trauma Centre Welcomes Olympian

Men’s Trauma Centre: Moving Forward

Dr. Gabor Mate
Dr. Gabor Mate

The link between trauma and addiction is a very real and well documented phenomenon. Dr. Gabor Mate, addiction specialist, has worked extensively with abused addicts on Vancouver’s notorious Downtown Eastside. He cites childhood trauma as one of the determining factors in the likelihood a person will become addicted to substances later in life.

We as a society are becoming increasingly more aware of how addiction originates and manifests itself. Treatment methodology is becoming more effective at treating the root causes of an individual’s addictive disorder. It is truly a shame that many men who have been terrorized and victimized in their early years now suffer in silence – using substances to numb their pain.

The Men’s Trauma Centre is a non-profit society based in Victoria, B.C. Canada. This wonderful institution exists to provide treatment and support services to males survivors of physical, emotional or sexual trauma as well as support for our clients’ significant others. Aside from the invaluable services provided at the Men’s Trauma Centre, staff also actively assist and educate other agencies on how to best treat clients suffering with issues resulting from trauma.

We at TWC would like to thank all of the wonderful individuals providing constant support to clients at the Men’s Trauma Centre – your dedication and passion is truly remarkable!


TWC Vancouver Island Client Coordinator Trevor Franklin pictured here on the left with guest speaker Adam Kreek, Canadian Olympic Rower at the Centre’s latest AGM.

Men’s Trauma Centre Website

Dr. Gabor Mate Website Link

Together We Can Treatment Centre Website

The Men’s Trauma Centre is a registered non-profit society under the Society Act of BC and a registered Canadian Charity # 87557 9302 RR0001



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