Medicine Wheel Teachings

Heal Through the Powers of Mother Earth.


All My Relation’s basic philosophy is to follow the teachings of the Medicine Wheel.  This will be the ultimate guide for restoring each resident back into balance and harmony with Spiritual Principles.  The Medicine Wheel represents our cycle of life from conception to our return to the Spirit World.  It is a guide to learning, a mentor to help us in our prayers, a counsellor to help us to understand our self and the world around us and a constant reminder of our duties and responsibilities as spiritual people walking our path upon Mother Earth.

It is a way of learning who we are and how we can relate in a positive way to every living thing upon Mother Earth.

The Circle has always been an important part of everyday life for Aboriginal people.  Our communities were built in a circle.  Many of our historical homes reflected the circle concept such as the tepee and hogans.  Our ceremonies are conducted in a circle.  The Sweat Lodges, Sacred Circle ceremonies, Pipe ceremonies and Sundance are all conducted in a circle.  We dance in a circle at Powwows and around the Sun Dance Pole.  We dance in a circle in the Longhouse and at Potlatch ceremonies.  Our Big Drums represent the circle.  When we set in Council we form a circle, so that everyone is equal, with an equal voice.  Elders teaching will draw the young people around them in a circle.

We see life as a circle from birth, to death, to spiritual rebirth.  We understand that we, like the seasons, pass through several phases as the circle of life and time pass around us.

To fall out of this circle is to fall out of harmony with life and to cease to grow and learn as the Creator meant for us to do.  It is for these reasons that the Medicine Wheel teachings can be used as a positive tool for helping our brothers and sisters, who find themselves caught up in the cycle of addiction, to find their way back into the spiritual circle of life.

We enter the circle at birth, and through our journey around the circle, we grow and learn.  To stay at any one point on the circle of life is to become static.  To become static is to stop growing and if we cannot grow we stop the life force of our being.

The center of the Medicine Wheel is movement and change.  For those who remain in balance and harmony with all living things, Mother Earth becomes a wonderful place, full of beauty, peace of mind, sharing, contentment, learning and spiritual growth.  If we become out of balance, stray away from the teachings, we become alone, afraid and feel unloved, unworthy and rejected.  This leads to depression, anger, addiction and acts of violence against our self and others.

There are many forms of the Medicine Wheel teachings and all should be both studied and respected.