TWC – May & June Newsletter 2016

TOGETHER WE CAN – Helping Veterans Recover

Mike C - Naval Communicator
Mike C – Naval Communicator

Addiction is a complicated disease to treat, especially when co-occurring disorders exist which can act as fuel on an already raging fire. Our Residential Treatment Program encompasses a vast array of therapeutic tools and approaches which help our clients escape the pain and suffering caused by substance misuse. Together We Can offers veterans who suffer from mental illness the opportunity to seek treatment for their PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) symptoms.

Mike Cain, former Naval Communicator with the HMCS in St. Johns, came to us seeking help for his cocaine problem after years of suffering mental, physical and emotional torture at the hands of his addiction. Mike experienced trauma starting in his childhood which quickly led him to look for ways and means to escape reality.



Aboriginal Spirituality at TOGETHER WE CAN

Top of The Chief - Smudge
Top of The Chief – Smudge

Men who arrive at Together We Can have an excess of stored negative energy accumulated from lives dominated by the lash of addiction. Louis Grant, Together We Can’s Indigenous Certified Addictions Specialist, regularly implements the practice of smudging in his daily therapy sessions. Smudging is an age-old ritual utilized by indigenous groups around the world as a way to harness the “spirits” found in nature to cleanse and renew weary souls.

Aside from group smudges at our main facility on Kingsway, clients are also treated spiritual adventures at the Stawamus Chief in Squamish, Buntzen Lake in Coquitlam and Lynn Canyon in North Vancouver. Tapping into the spiritual realm with the help and instruction offered by a guide such as Louis allows for deep, therapeutic experiences which can have a dramatic, positive and lasting affect on individuals in recovery.



SPONSORSHIP – A Guide Through the Chaos of Early Recovery

Vince P and Mick D TWC
Vince P and Mick D

One of the most sacred relationships in recovery is that of the sponsor and sponsee. Without guides, mentors and role models, people in early recovery are doomed to rely on old and unhealthy beliefs that inevitably lead to repetitive, undesirable outcomes.

Mick Dosanjh, one of our CCAC accredited addictions counsellors, has accumulated over ten years of sobriety which he credits directly to extensive work with other alcoholics and addicts. Aside from the energy Mick devotes to clients at Together We Can, he also spends his free time being of service by introducing newcomers to the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. One of these individuals that Mick has led on a path of forgiveness and inspiration is Together We Can’s very own Vince Pirozzi.


Coastal Health Combats Overdoses in Vancouver

Could This Big Announcement Bring Down Deaths Due to Drug Overdose in Vancouver?

Coastal Health CombatsIn the past couple of weeks, the same class of drugs that was discussed in the State of the Union address and recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) sometime ago had killed more U.S. citizens than car accidents and even made hundreds of people addicted. Those drugs are called Opioids – drugs like codeine, hydromorphone (Dilaudid), hydrocodone (Vicodin), oxycodone (OxyContin, Percocet), and morphine (Kadian, Avinza).   

Hundreds of people who started taking opioid to control body pain are now struggling to sleep without it. Instead of consulting the doc to find a quick fix to their addiction, a lot of people are heading to physicians and medical centers to get more opioids. What was just a remedy to control pain is now giving people the most painful experience in their lives. They’re addicted and some of them quit their jobs and went in search of (illegal) higher pleasure drugs like heroine.


REPRESENTING – TWC Galas and Conferences

Turning Point Recovery Gala

Mick D, Jordan D, Vince P
Mick D, Jordan D, Vince P

Together We Can staff members Mick Dosanjh, Steve Bull, Jordan Davies and Vince Pirozzi attended the 9thAnnual Turning Point Recovery Gala held at the Four Seasons Hotel on Thursday in support of the fight against addiction in Vancouver. Over $10,000 was raised to support residents of Turning Point’s Recovery Program and Terry Lake, B.C. Minister of Health, showed government support in the form of a $500,000 cheque.

This year’s celebrity guest speaker was the famous musician David Crosby who openly shared his personal struggles with addiction and his path to freedom from substances.


TOGETHER WE CAN – Building A Better Life in Cali

Rodrigo P, Don P, James A, Graeme T
Rodrigo P, Don P, James A, Graham T

A group of Together We Can staff and alumni took a well-deserved vacation to California where they represented TWC in style. Don Presland, Rodrigo Alejandro Rementeria, James Akey and Graham Tippett spent time visiting a number of treatment centers including Michael’s House Outpatient Center, Lifes Journey Center, Inc. and Palm Springs Recovery Center.

These fine young gentlemen spread the word about Together We Can at every opportunity filled with gratitude and appreciation of the drastic changes that have taken place in their lives. Aside from visiting treatment centers, Disneyland and Hollywood Boulevard, the guys attended the Sober in the Sun LGBTQ Recovery Convention in Palm Springs where the theme was “Building A Better Life.”



TOGETHER WE CAN – Upcoming Events Summer 2016

THmay originalsE ORIGINALS  – 2 Year Anniversary Showcase at Vancouver Recovery Club. Friday May 26th

Can you believe it’s been 2 years since our first show?! Come check out our 2 Year Anniversary Showcase! A night of live music and fellowship with and for people in recovery! If you are interested in signing up to perform, call Matt R at 604-358-7843.

Admission is $5, (half-price with proof of residence in a recovery facility)




Family Alumni BBQ FlyerTWC Family & Alumni BBQ – Sunday, June 26th, 2-9pm, Dinner at 5pm. John Hendry Picnic Area, Trout Lake.

Join us on for a BBQ dinner hosted by TWC – family and friends are welcome to attend!


Vancouver Pride Parade – July 31st – 12pm to 3pm. Vancouver West End.

Vancouver Pride Parade
Vancouver Pride Parade

Come and join the fun!! This is the first year that TWC will have a float as part of the PRIDE celebration. We will also have an information booth set up at the Sunset Beach Festival!!!

PRIDE is one of the most beautiful and diverse parades in the world. The Vancouver Pride Parade was granted civic status in 2013 and is one of the city’s flagship events! Attracting major crowds every year, the Pride Parade is renowned on the international stage as one of the largest and most successful LGBTQ2+ events in the world.

Come down for the hottest day Vancouver has all year, but don’t forget to bring your sunscreen, hat, and water! Temperatures run high on Parade day, so keep out of the sun and stay hydrated!

The parade will kickoff on Thurlow at Robson street, turn left down Denman Street, and continue onto Beach Avenue.

The Slam Recovery Slo-Pitch Tournament – August 13th and 14th, Moody Park, New Westminster

Slam Recovery Slo-Pitch
Slam Recovery Slo-Pitch

TWC is looking forward to participating in this year’s Slo-pitch tournament.

More details coming soon!

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