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Well, today is Super Bowl Sunday and the Patriots and the Seahawks have practiced over the past 2 weeks. They have dealt with ALL of the distractions that the Super Bowl brings with it. Now it’s game time.

When we are in recovery there are all kinds of distractions. So how do you deal with it? Do you use the Marshawn Lynch of the Seahawks approach? Do you tell your addiction while you are in treatment or recovery that you are only here because you have to be? We all know that approach doesn’t work. You have to want it. You have to desire it. But as we all know, there are MANY distractions that come our way during our journey.

So let’s be real about this: distractions happen. Distractions come our way, our focus will sometimes shift and sometimes pull us in different directions, and sometimes you will temporarily fall off the horse and… Slip. Have you failed? No way! In fact, what you do next right after you fall can make a BIG difference in your long term goal of recovering. It’s just like a field goal kicker who misses a 30 yarder. He can’t let that miss distract him to the point that he will be fearful of kicking a game winning 50 yard field goal with 3 seconds left to play. He has to focus on making that kick when the coach calls his number…So let the distractions end… yep that’s what we are going to talk about… Distractions.

The first thing that we need to do is to stop beating ourselves up. Hey I use to be an expert at beating myself up all of the time. I labeled myself a complete failure. I was filled with shame and guilt, which became a BIG distraction in my life. It had gotten to the point that I didn’t know who I was anymore. But not now! Now I view all of those distractions and the negative core beliefs associated with it differently. I now look at the real me. Now I look at the healthy me. I don’t have to hide anymore. All of the negative distractions no longer have any control over me. I know who I am now.

Another important part of recovery is to use your support system. I’ve talked about it before and I can’t say it enough. When we are experiencing distractions and fall down on our path to recovery, it is very important to use our support/coaches. When we are at this point, our addiction/distraction will want us to hide, it well distract us by saying we are ok. Don’t believe that distraction… It’s a lie. That’s why it is so important that we have support/coaches around us who care for us, who are there to help and coach/support us. Good supports do not attempt to increase the guilt/shame, but they are there to uplift and guide you. But they are also there to help us keep everything real! Good support is priceless. We need to set these supports up and put them in place. We need to use them and practice them just like the Seahawks and Patriots do before each and every game. If you don’t use and listen to your coaches/support, you are going to lose!

You can do this! Don’t believe the lie that your distraction is trying to whisper in your ear. You are stronger than you think! Have a safe Sober Bowl… Thanks for stopping by… Luke D





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  1. Hi Robbie. Thanks for your comment. It’s much appreciated… Everyone has different distractions to deal with. Knowing what they are is what its all about.

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