Linda Lane Devlin – CIP, ICADC, CCAC, CCCS

Linda Lane Devlin – CIP, ICADC, CCAC, CCCS

Linda Lane Devlin – CIP, ICADC, CCAC, CCCS

Addiction Intervention Specialist

Linda is a Board Registered Interventionist who has conducted many successful Interventions. She is a long-standing member of the Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation, an Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counsellor through ICRC and Certified Intervention Profession CIP through the Pennsylvania Certification Board.

Linda got her start working in the social services industry over two decades ago, and has grown to be one of the top Executive Management Leaders in the Addictions Health Care Industry in Canada.

She is also involved in many Provincial and National Strategies in Health Initiatives including the Council on Workplace Health and Wellness. Here she helped to build a Psychological Safe Workplace “practical approaches to Success”, which implemented the creation of the New National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the workplace.

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CIP/PCB- Certified Intervention Professional/Pennsylvania Certification Board
C.C.C.S – Canadian Certified Clinical Supervisor
I.C.A.D.C- International Certified Addiction Counsellor
C.C.A.C – Canadian Certified Addiction Counsellor
Motivational Interviewing -Education Provider
CACCF-Member/Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federations
Member/ Behavioural Health Network
Member / NIDA National Institute on Drug Abuse
Member/ American Society of Addiction Medicine

In her own words…

Addiction is a multi faceted illness – including physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual aspects, and that these must be addressed. Linda’s passion and drive is to help individuals and families heal from addiction. she approaches every client with the understanding that each person differs from the others.  People’s behaviours are shaped by their experiences, and each person is unique in this regard. Treatment is always individualized, as there is no such thing as one size fits all.

Addicts and families are people in pain, and are doing whatever they can to make the hurt go away. In my interventions, I focus on connecting with their pain so that they can feel “heard” and understood. Only once that happens can the intervention be effective.