Lancaster House

Transitional Housing for Veterans

Extended Care Treatment

Lancaster House is a transitional living environment with close physical proximity to our main facility. Veterans who complete a 90-day primary care treatment program will have the opportunity to reside at Lancaster House for an additional 90 days of extended care treatment.

Overview of our Lancaster Recovery HouseDuring their time at Lancaster houses, residents will be closely monitored and supported by other Veterans employed by Together We Can in the capacity of peer support. The emphasis at Lancaster House is helping veterans transition smoothly into civilian life through practical application of recovery strategies.

Process groups highlighting topics such as relapse prevention, career development, re-training, stress management and continued aftercare planning take place daily at Lancaster House. Residents will be given the supervision and structure they need to ensure long-term success upon leaving TWC’s primary care treatment program.

Richard Tuckwood – Veteran Peer Support Staff

Richard Tuckwood completed four years of service as a Royal Marine Commando in the United Kingdom’s amphibious light infantry force. Together We Can helped Richard address his PTSD symptoms which resulted from his involvement in Operation Herrick 7, a six month tour in Afghanistan.

Richard works closely with veterans in primary and extended recovery programs, both at Lancaster House and our main treatment facility on Kingsway. Richard is an active and contributing member of the recovery community in Vancouver and regularly attends meetings at the Alano Club of Vancouver in his free time.

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