I couldn’t stop. No matter how many times I promised myself or loved ones. I couldn’t stop. I lost my job and my home. As a result of how my life was going, I felt suicidal. I felt empty inside. Life had me defeated. I attended meetings but couldn’t get more than one week clean. My pride was keeping me from reaching out and the suffering got worse as time went on. It got to a point where I ended up back at my mother’s place sleeping on the floor in the spare bedroom. I was sick of feeling hopeless. I was ten pounds underweight, I had bags under my eyes from not sleeping. I was insane.

One day I finally had enough. I was in so much pain that I picked up the phone and reached out to a support worker that was involved at TWC. He told me that I had to commit 100%. I was all in.

Since being at TWC, I’ve managed to get my physical health back and gain a better understanding of this disease I am battling. Thanks to TWC, I am learning how to forgive myself for the past and how to re-build my self-esteem and confidence. Today I have no regrets about the love and care that TWC has shown me. In time I hope to return the favour by working with struggling alcoholics & addicts.

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