Hope in the face of hardship; No one left behind.

Together We Can prides itself on maintaining a safe, supportive and healthy atmosphere. As a global community, we feel this is an important time to save a thought for those in need and provide hope to one of Canada’s vulnerable populations. We are all beginning to experience the pressures of restrictions and want to let you know, that we will continue to fulfill our mandate of aiding those on their journey to recovery. Some individuals, members and employees will require extra support during this time, and we are here to help.  


The heartbeat of our organization is being a helping hand in times of need. Rest assured, TWC is going to continue helping those struggling with addiction. By offering a pre-screening process, individuals are still able to access the compassionate, informative and progressive programming readily available at TWC. You are not alone.  During economic downturns like this, people who are struggling already with alcohol and drug addiction, may need increased support and we want to ensure that their needs are met in a caring and compassionate way. We appreciate that many tough decisions lay ahead and want to assure you that Together We Can will always be available to support you. While the work in many industries has been placed on hold, now more than ever, has been an appropriate time for people to seek treatment with minimized impact on their return to work.  


Together We Can recognizes that addiction is a family disease and pledge to make sure everyone is supported through trying times. Loved ones of our residents can access our online Family Education Group and therapeutic counselling services as needed. This is a great way to stay connected with a team of professionals that understand your situation. Allow our experts help you on your own journey to recovery.  


Please reach out to us for information on how we can connect youyour employees and their families to the on-going services we offer. `