“I Need a Sign Today” – Higher Power Revealed

We are never alone. Power is with us so long as we humbly accept it on the grounds we still want it and seek it. 

Alex MacKenzie
Id like to share a story of my time in Vancouver while a client of TWC. To share with those who know a reminder, and those who don't, some hope.

I grew up vehemently atheist, that people who believe in God (Power, the Force, Universe, Spirit, Creator, etc) were fools who were weak and needed a father figure to justify their own mortality.

I was just reminded of an event that happened a couple months ago I'd like to share with you all.

I woke up feeling very off. I prayed, and didn't feel connected. My perception of the day was miserable, I was feeling full of resentment and anxiety. I couldn't shake it.

As I was leaving the house, I prayed for a sign. I said, "God, I know you're real, but today I could really use a sign that it's not all in my head. A clear signal from you that you're still there, or were ever there at all." 

I was very worried I was being selfish and faithless, and had anxiety about what would happen if my prayer wasn't answered.  Well, it was raining heavily in Vancouver that day, and for the first time in my life I had an umbrella. It was a very nice umbrella, the sort you could use as a cane. It had been left by a former resident of my second stage house.

So as I stepped off the bus in the pouring rain, a little old lady exited at the same spot. She was just slightly agmgead of me, shielding herself with a tiny scrap of newspaper in a futile effort to stay dry. I was compelled to catch up to her and stand RIGHT beside her.

As I did, she looked up at me in surprise and said, "That's so weird! I was literally just praying 'God, there's no better shelter than your love, but an umbrella would be nice' and there you were!"

I looked at her with a knowing smile and responded, "I guess God's agents are everywhere. ;)"
We exchanged names and I walked a block with her to the skytrain. 

There we parted ways. I looked up and silently thanked God, for in answering her prayers He answered mine. It was then that I understood the only reason I felt disconnected was because I was choosing not to see his Will.

Since this day, I have yet to feel disconnected or doubtful that recovery works, if you work it.

We are never alone. Power is with us so long as we humbly accept it on the grounds we still want it and seek it. 

Do the steps my friends. Get Powerful, and you're life will never be the same. 

Alex MacKenzie

One thought on ““I Need a Sign Today” – Higher Power Revealed

  1. Thank you Alex  your  story has  inspired me aswell as others  who truly feel the connection that helps our recovery.    When we stand TOGETHER WE CAN .  

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