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Mike C - Together We CanAddiction is a complicated disease to treat, especially when co-occurring disorders exist which can act as fuel on an already raging fire. Our Residential Treatment Program encompasses a vast array of therapeutic tools and approaches which help our clients escape the pain and suffering caused by substance misuse. Together We Can offers veterans who suffer from mental illness the opportunity to seek treatment for their PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) symptoms.

Mike Cain, former Naval Communicator with the HMCS in St. Johns, came to us seeking help for his cocaine problem after years of suffering mental, physical and emotional torture at the hands of his addiction. Mike experienced trauma starting in his childhood which quickly led him to look for ways and means to escape reality. He was anti-social by nature and felt like he didn’t quite fit in anywhere, traits which anyone with addiction issues can quickly relate to. Mike joined the Navy at thirty-four with the intention of benefiting from the structure and discipline he so desperately needed. Mike also tried the “geographic cure” by relocating from Victoria to Halifax. No matter how far he sailed or where he called home, Mike was inevitably met by his greatest problem: himself.

Mike C - Naval Communicator
Mike C – Naval Communicator

Courtney Nichols, one of our Registered Clinical Counsellors, has extensive experience working with veterans that come through our doors seeking relief from the anguish of their past. She is a CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) Certified Therapist for Anxiety Disorder with additional specialty training and experience working in the areas of depression, PTSD, OCD & psychosis. Courtney helped Mike work through the trauma of his childhood that persistently influenced his thoughts and behaviours. Mike was able to work through his pre-conceived notions and exercise forgiveness, compassion and self-love. Putting his discipline and attention to detail in good use, Together We Can has gainfully employed Mike as one of our Client Care Coordinators. Mike’s outlook, attitude and thinking have change drastically for the better and he has been “clean and serene” for well over a year. The misery and chaos that plagued Mike for so long no longer controls his thoughts, behaviours and actions on a daily basis. To hear more from Mike and his story, please watch his testimonial on YouTube by clicking here.


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