Supporting family members through the process of losing a loved one due to substance misuse and mental health. 

Grief and loss is a large part of our lives, often starting from early childhood. In some case we are not aware we are grieving any sort of loss, as we sometimes do not identify it as such. In other case we get stuck in our grief and are unsure how to move forward or are unable to see anyway to move forward. In the world of substance misuse and mental health, we experience many gut-wrenching losses, and ones we are unable to comprehend, blame ourselves or others and it can be a challenge for loved ones to move forward.  

We hope to help those who have suffered a loss see a way through the grief and find a balance for them in remember their loved one, while still managing to move forward in their daily lives. While this is not an easy process, we take an empathetic and warm approach to ensure you feel heard, safe and are ready for the process. 

Services provided by Simply Motivated Counselling and Consultingpartnering with Together We Can, Addiction Recovery & Education Society. 

  • Individual Grief & Loss Counselling 
  • FREE Monthly Support Group 

 Facilitated by Samantha Armstrong, C.C.A.C., C.C.S.W., C.G.C.S., owner of Simply Motivated Counselling and Consulting 

Individual Grief & Loss Counselling Sessions 

The length of our treatment duration will vary from person to person as grief is different for everyone. One hour counselling sessions are available via Zoom or in person with proper PPECounselling sessions are subject to an hourly cost, contact us for more information. 

Monthly Support Group 

A free monthly open grief group, using your peerssupport, and education to further help you along your journeyThe meetings are open to anyone, and there is no cost to attend. The group will gather virtually via Zoom for the near future.  

Those who wish to attend the groups will need suitability from the group facilitator to attendThe reason being, we do not want the group to cause more pain for an individual who is not ready for a group process. 

We want all participants to know they are not alone, and that right now it is okay to not be okay. We are here to help guide you and find a way to remember without the immense heartache. 

Contact Samantha today for more information: 

[email protected] 604-760-0857 

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Samantha Armstrong

About Samantha Armstrong 

Growing up, Samantha has always had a passion and heart for helping others. It took a family life event in 2015 to propel her into the career she has now been practicing for five years. 

Always employed in a helping capacity, Samantha has worked in a long-term care facility helping families adjust to their loved one’s transition in their new homes, with the Salvation Army in New Westminster, and with Corrections Canada in a Correctional Residential Facility. Each of these positions afforded her the opportunity to work with a varied cross-section of individuals, unique issues and help them to bring balance to their everyday lives. 

Samantha has helped many clients break through the obstacles that are plaguing them, as they try to bring order to what is a chaotic time. Life’s too short to be unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled. Samantha is here to walk with her clients as they achieve a more positive outlook on life and empower them to use all the tools necessary to get achieve a place of balance. Let Samantha help you learn and develop better ways to handle the issues that are standing in the way of your goals. 

Education & Certification 

Community Social Service’s Diploma, Douglas College, New Westminster, BC 

Certified Addictions Counsellor, Canadian Addictions Counsellors Certification Federation (CACCF) 
Certified Non-violent Interventionist Instructor, Crisis Prevention Institute 

Current Certified Interventionist Training, CANAM Interventions 


Certified Grief Counselling Specialist, PESI Healthcare