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Together We Can believes in an open-minded, innovative and multi-faceted approach to combating substance misuse and all of the inherent psychological and emotional issues that result. Our staff present clients with materials and concepts from a wide range of disciplines and encourage the men in our Residential Treatment Program to find what is effective for their ongoing success in recovery. The counselling staff at Together We Can participate in Get SMART Fast training as a way to facilitate groups based on the latest concepts in CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and REBT (rational emotive behavioral therapy).  SMART (Self-management and Recovery Training) is a recovery system which focuses on introducing strategies for coping with urges, motivation, balance, and problematic thoughts, feelings and behaviors. The SMART recovery system aims to empower individuals with the latest scientifically backed knowledge so they can make lasting changes and live happy and productive lives in recovery. Our counselling staff actively incorporate the concepts from SMART recovery in conjunction with the principles embodied in 12-step recovery programs. Men in our Program are given the option to access SMART meetings in the community as a means to build support outside of Together We Can. Whether it’s SMART, the 12-Steps, or both, developing coping strategies will ensure our clients find lasting fulfilment while leading lives free from drugs and alcohol. Click here for more information on SMART.

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