Fundraising Goals

Together We Can consistently operates at full capacity at our 42-bed primary treatment centre in Vancouver, and at each of our 14 residential recovery homes across Metro Vancouver. This growing Fentanyl crisis has created a drastic need for upgrades and expansion, as our current addiction treatment resources, facilities and services will not be able to sustain the increasing needs of Canadian families.

Because we are a non-profit, donors play a crucial role in enabling Together We Can to sustain our vital Addiction Recovery programs. Donations collected at our ELEVATE Gala will be used for New Construction, TWC Facility Upgrades, the TWC Athletics Program, and The Fallen Sons Memorial Fund. 

New Construction

Our goal is to partner with government and our healthcare stake-holders to meet the needs of our community by building a new, up to 100-bed licensed treatment centre in Metro Vancouver.

This new facility will include medical detox, opiate replacement and withdrawal, and abstinence-based programs.

We plan to have 24/7 clinical staff, a comprehensive addiction education centre, on-site addiction doctors, a collection of specialized addiction therapies, veteran services, food services, recreation and physical fitness amenity spaces. With your help, our hope is to begin construction in 2018-2019.

Current Facilty Upgrades

• Good Nutrition is integral to Recovery – Every day, the TWC food services staff prepares nutritious meals for over 300 men. Our plan is to completely remodel the main dining room and kitchen spaces, including the installation of new commercial equipment and appliances that will both support our growth, and improve energy efficiency.

• Renovation of Office & Treatment Facilities – We need to paint the exterior and interior of our residences at Kingsway Centre. The floor coverings in our education centre, office spaces, therapy rooms and resident amenity spaces need replacement. We need upgraded classroom supplies and equipment. A comprehensive energy-saving lighting retrofit is planned as well.

Support a collection of TWC Athletic programs

Together We Can provides a recovery environment that includes opportunities for residents and alumni to participate in TWC Athletics. These programs allow participants to begin the process of promoting physical fitness, building confidence, and encouraging socialization—all of which are imperative to leading a clean and sober lifestyle. Donations will be allocated to pay for new equipment, fees, instruction and memberships.

Ice Hockey
Hiking & Climbing

Slo-Pitch Leagues
Personal Training

Golf Program
Stretching & Running

Together We Can — Fallen Sons Memorial Fund

The Fallen Sons Memorial Fund is dedicated to honouring the memory of men who have lost their lives to the disease of addiction. This year we are honouring the memory of John Nichols.

The fund will allow men who are motivated to begin their recovery, but are not able to access the funding, a comprehensive 1-year Addiction Recovery Program at TWC.

It will include 90 days of therapy and education at TWC Centre, 9 months residence in one of our transitional recovery homes, career and education development counselling, and aftercare sobriety coaching.

We empower men with the tools and knowledge they need to abstain from substances and find inner peace, freedom and satisfaction in their lives. The TWC Fallen Sons Memorial Fund was created in the hopes that families who have lost loved ones will find solace in witnessing the miracle of recovery in others.

We implore you to help us ELEVATE men at-risk to new heights as they begin their journeys in recovery—all made possible by your generous donations. 



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