Levi c.

All Together Fund Recipient

At the age of 32, Levi has spent almost 20 years in and out of addiction and treatment. He started using alcohol at the age of 13, and drugs shortly after that. Growing up as a gay youth in a small rural town in Saskatchewan, there weren’t a lot of role models, or other kids that were open about who they were, or their discoveries of themselves being gay.

When you are growing up like that, you want to connect with people to find out who you are, and unfortunately for him those people he did connect with were much older than he was. It was one of these older men that started him on his path of using substance to escape. Having overdosed a few times and recently suffering a heart attack, he knew that trying to escape would cost him his life if he continued.

Before coming to treatment, COVID19 kept him from keeping employment in restaurants as wave after wave of shutdowns and restrictions impacted the tourism and food industries. He took a job off the mainland at a small place, and due to its remote location, was able to stop using drugs for a while, but couldn’t maintain complete sobriety. As that location shut down due to restrictions, he came back to the interior of BC, and within two days, was back to using his drug of choice. Shortly after that, he reached out to a friend who came through Together We Can.

Levi is no stranger to addiction treatment, having started two previous times in a center in Saskatchewan, but never completing treatment. Now, for the first time in 20 years, Levi has completed the primary program at Alliance, our trauma-informed care program. Levi just celebrated 6 months of continuous sobriety and volunteers with us helping other newcomers as they start their journey through treatment and learn to fight the disease of addiction.