My son is alive today because of TWC.   To say the past 12 years have been a nightmare is an understatement.  It happened so fast.  One day my happy, loving son was gone and I was living with an abusive addict.  He became a compulsive liar and manipulator, stole everything I owned of value (repeatedly), and the threat of violence, if he didn’t get what he wanted when he wanted, was always there.   Through all of it, I never forgot my son and always loved him in spite of his behaviours.  Most people didn’t understand my dedication to him as they saw only the addict and not the boy I knew.  Nick’s life wasn’t easy with learning disabilities and ADHD, his father suffers with debilitating mental illness, and  Nick was devastated when his step-father and uncle (both his closest father figures), died unexpectedly when he was 13-14.  I was very alone (with the exception of a few people) in my struggle to save Nick’s life and I became an enabler and codependent. I rationalized and made excuses for his behaviours due to his disabilities and the tragedies he experienced.  My health deteriorated and my life was on hold.  I was living each day fixated on saving my son while he was fixated on killing himself. Nick had been in two previous treatment centers and ended up worse off after then he was before.  As much as I couldn’t give up on him, I started to believe he couldn’t be helped.   When I spoke to Stacey Wilson at TWC, my gut told me this was my son’s best hope to survive.  Stacey has gone above and beyond since May 2014 to help my son save his own life.  Even when my son chose to leave, more than once, the door was never permanently closed.  Stacey continued to give him another chance to save himself and finally, through TWC’s love and perseverance, Nick decided he was worth saving.   I am so grateful that today, Nick is 26 and for the first time in over 12 years he is happy and healthy. With TWC’s help he is building a bright, independent, sober future for himself.  Nick will always have struggles, but TWC has taught him to focus on his strengths and not his weaknesses. Nick still has a lot of work to do but instead of being scared, he is ready for the challenges because he has the support of TWC.  TWC is so much more than the very best treatment center.   It’s a community. It’s a family. It isn’t a 30 day or 60 day treatment and off you go back to your old life.   It is a group that are committed to continued, life-long relationships of sobriety, friendship and acceptance. My son belongs in the TWC family and I consider TWC an extension of my own family. Special thanks to Robbie Edgar and Stacy Wilson for believing in Nick and taking all my frantic calls and emails over the past year and a half.

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