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No matter what our drug of choice was…the truth of the matter is we all have healing to do. Psychologically, physically and spiritually. When sourcing tools, methods, vitamins, exercise and meditation rituals to assist in the process of recovery, it’s a huge bonus to find something that addresses all three. Well I found one! Oxytocin. Oxytocin is a powerful hormone produced in the brain that also acts as a neurotransmitter and plays a big role in pair bonding. Positive social interactions like a 12 step group meeting with good friends or a family dinner can release high levels of oxytocin.

I was recently listening to an Internet lecture on “What we think we know about addiction.” Although most of the information was familiar to me, there were a few things the speaker said that really hit home. One of them was quite comical. The speaker took note of how morphine is pharmaceutical grade heroin yet Granny never came home from her hip replacement surgery and turned into a junkie. The reason Granny was able to consume it and not fall victim to a life of intravenous drug use is because she had a full life before the surgery and subsequent morphine consumption. She was bonded with her kids, grandkids, ladies social club, neighbors and her little dog, Buck.

Humans naturally bond to other things as a means of fulfillment. We bond to other humans, to our pets, our jobs and even some material things. When we don’t have a fulfilled life we tend to bond to things that mask the problem and distract us by making us feel better for a short time. For some it’s drugs and/or alcohol and for others it can be sex, gambling, video games….you name it. If it temporarily fills the void then we can form a bond and eventually cultivate an addiction to it.

Since I am an analytical thinker and have to see logic in things to be able to buy into them, I had difficulty with some of the faith-based spiritual steps some of my Christian friends jumped right into. Spiritual healing, for me, had nothing to do with religion at all. I do, however, feel strongly about scientific recovery methods. Anyone who knows me will also tell you I am a firm believer that each person must customize the program of recovery to their individual needs in order to optimize the success and quality of their life. Oxytocin happens to be something that won’t have a negative impact on anyone no matter their recovery regime because it is responsible for bonding relationships and creating a sense of closeness.

Connect with your kids, friends, support groups and families on a deeper level. Have fun, laugh with them and hug them. When you cuddle with your child, partner or pet and are gazing into each other’s eyes your brains are releasing Oxytocin. It’s that simple. This hormone increases trust, reduces fear and promotes empathy and positive social interaction. C’mon peeps….get your hug on…let’s get well!!

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