Fresh Roots – Community Garden Partnership

Together We Can is in partnership with the volunteer organization Fresh Roots, a non-profit society that "Grows Good Food For All". They do that through cultivating engaging gardens and programs that catalyze healthy eating, ecological stewardship and community celebration.

Since the Spring of 2017, five volunteers from TWC have met at Norquay Park every Friday where they have been helping with rototilling, planting, weeding and watering the Fresh Roots Garden. Some have had previous experience with gardening or caring for plants, but many have acquired new skills from this experience.

When they started cleaning up the garden it was overrun by weeds and had not been used for anything for quite some time. Well everyone's hard work has paid off, as they now have turned it into a flourishing community garden. As the garden has come to life we've seen plants like strawberries, rhubarb, radishes and all types of herbs emerge. The best part is that the garden is available for anyone in the community to pick from and use.

It is so nice to see our residents enjoying being out giving back to the community and taking pride in their work. There is something really magical about loving and caring for a garden and watching it come life. We have seen similar transformations in many of these "new gardeners" who had never participated in activities like this before.

"They have become engaged…started to take real pride in caring for, and building a healthy garden…lifestyle." Kamal Singh – TWC Facilitator

We are so excited that Fresh Roots and TWC have received so much positive feedback from the community at large. People tend to stop by and ask what they are doing; sometimes even offering help.

Passersby continue to be amazed seeing the volunteers giving up their time and energy to build this park garden, that anyone can use and enjoy.

Many of the people that have stopped by were grateful to have met us, and fully support this initiative. TWC has always looked for new ways for men to feel of purpose, and to have positive impacts in our community. Fresh Roots. Well done guys!!!

By Landon Dorval – Recovery Life News

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Saturday July 22nd
Family Fun and Activities start at 6pm

Free Popcorn & Tasty Refreshments, Family Fun & Activities, Garden Tours, Planting Workshops Food Education, Relays, Games, Water park and more…

Join us for an evening celebrating family and community with:

Together We Can – Addiction Recovery & Education SocietyCollinwood Police DepartmentFresh Roots Urban Farm Society, and Renfrew Collingwood Food Security Institute have come together to create an exciting evening of family fun and education.

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