VetFit – Fitness and Recovery for Veterans

If there is one thing that the current Toronto Invictus Games can teach us all, is that sports and fitness have an incredible capacity to give those suffering from injury, illness, and addiction a sense of belonging and an access point to healing and recovery.

TWC VetFit Facilitator

Together We Can believes in a multifaceted approach to treating addiction, including programming that heals not only the body, but the mind, soul, heart, and spirit of our clients.  We also understand that the recovery community is vast and diverse, and have created safe spaces and programming for some of the most vulnerable groups including LGBTQ, First Nations, and veterans.

In the case of veterans, TWC has created something innovative that very few other treatment facilities can boast – a fitness program designed by veterans, for veterans.

The VetFit program offered at TWC was created by former Together We Can Resident Services staff member Duff Goodwin, and is currently run by Together We Can VetFit Facilitator Dustin Wood; two inspirational veterans dedicated to a program that brings veterans and clients together in a supportive and positive way.

Veterans often suffer through illness and addiction alone because “the shame of not being strong, and possible resentments towards the military for their situations make it the last place that some struggling veterans want to reach out to,” explained Dustin Wood.

Much like the Invictus Games, which operates on the belief that “many servicemen and women suffer life-changing injuries, both visible and invisible, while serving their countries,” they ask the questions of “how do they find the motivation to move on and to not be defined by their injuries? How can they be recognized for their achievements,” in a similar way as TWC.

The VetFit program offered at TWC is already beginning to make a fundamental change in the lives of veterans in recovery, and with the passing of the torch from one veteran to another, VetFit’s new direction and future are bright and endless with possibility.


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