First Responders Support Group

Supporting Our First Responders

First Responders Support Group

First Responder Support Group

The purpose of this weekly group, is to offer support for First Responders who may struggle with mental and emotional difficulties that are unique to their occupation.

This includes supports for working through high-risk situations and traumatic events, but also may include discussions about dealing with the misuse of drugs and alcohol.

In this group we discuss our common struggles, as we maintain a safe environment. We apply the same professional ethics that First Responders are familiar with in order to create a program that is anonymous and confidential.

Participants in this group are encouraged to outline their current status, and provide a brief self-evaluation of the quality of their life. They are then able to request group feedback, if they need help in dealing with a problem.

If you would like to participate in this group please email
or call 604-219-7692.

The First Responders Support Group runs every Wednesday from 3:00PM to 4:30PM at the Together We Can offices located at 2831 Kingsway, Vancouver BC.

Betty Conroy - Family Program FacilitatorBetty Conroy

Family Program Facilitator

Betty Conroy is a respected professional with over 25 years experience as a counsellor, coach and program facilitator of the First Responders and Family Support Programs at TWC. With a healing-centred approach to care, Betty helps our residents and their loved ones understand the recovery process. Betty has vast personal experience and a thorough understanding of the family pressures that are often caused by active addiction and life in recovery.

Betty focuses specifically on coaching for promoting a happier lifestyle. Betty brings proven experience in individual and group counselling, coaching, workshop facilitation and recovery from substance abuse.

Her training and experience include: a Counselling Certificate, Substance Abuse Training, Conflict Resolution and Satir Family Therapy Certification, True Colors Certification, CRG Assessment Training and Business Administration Certification.

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