Fallen Warriors, Not Forgotten

To Those Who Have Fallen, You Will Never Be Forgotten

This past May long weekend the TWC Pelicans had the pleasure of playing in the Fallen Warriors tournament out in Abbotsford.  Thank you to the Weekend Warriors for allowing our team to enter into such a special tournament in honor of two very lovely people Kianna and Monty.  This was also a weekend to remember any other warriors in our lives who have fallen in the past.  It was an honor to play in such an amazing weekend of Ball.

This weekend brought together many people in recovery and helped strengthen their support groups.  Not to mention having a blast out in the sun on such a great weekend.  It was really cool to see all levels of ball being played at the same time.  This past weekend we had the pleasure of watching the best long ball hitter in Canada crush the ball out of the park in a home run derby to help raise funds to support  family.  It was quite an amazing sight to see that man crush the ball nearly 450ft.  One of the other highlights of the weekend was watching all the kids come together on the main diamond and have a little ball game of their own.  It was one of the cutest things I have ever seen!

It was pretty amazing to be able to take a group of gentlemen who are all fairly new in treatment out to have a great time playing ball and joining in the fellowship with the other teams in the Fallen Warriors Tournament.  It is really important to understand that fun CAN be had in recovery.  The brotherhood that was experienced as the weekend progressed was unforgettable.  Every game that was played brought the team closer together and bonds were formed that can not be broken.

We would like to thank all the teams who showed their support while watching us play, as well as the lovely ladies who played for us this weekend completing our team.  We would also like to thank everyone who allowed us to be part of such a special weekend.  By far this was the best Ball tournament that we have been in thus far!

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Peter C and Brad W

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