Senior Support Worker

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Elevate Life

My position at Elevate is a Support worker, i spend the weekends with the clients making sure everything runs smoothly, taking clients for our weekly outing and in-house meeting. Ever since being a client at elevate myself I wanted to be Sr. Support staff. The guidance and help i was given has gifted me the opportunity to take my past, something that held me down for so many years and use it to relate and guide those that are around me. Working at Elevate with men in early recovery is something that I cherish, and getting to see people come in and be apart of their journey to becoming a healthy conscious individuals keeps me loving my job. I have really good people skills and its rare that I’m unable to get along with someone. this has helped me be able to relate and build relationships with all different kinds of people that come through our house.
Outside of work I am furthering my career as an artist, soon to graduate post secondary for 3D modeling. Specializing in character modeling, I’m soon to be making your next favorite movie or video game. Something that recovery has gifted me is being able to apply myself and work towards making my dreams a reality.