Operations Manager

Marc Dube Elevate Life


Solid Ground, Elevate Life, Alliance

As the Auxiliary Operations Manager at Together We Can, Marc is responsible for managing, overseeing, and providing support to the team of Client Care Coordinators, Support Staff, and Volunteers that he leads. Marc relishes the fact that on a daily basis, his work affords him the opportunity to help people suffering from addiction walk towards a path of recovery. Despite having worn a multitude of different managerial hats throughout his career, Marc has never derived the level of fulfillment he gets from working at TWC.

Marc describes the work he does at TWC as being “very close” to his heart. Marc has had his own journey with recovery; having come through the program at TWC a number of years ago, he understands not only the experience of being a client, but also what it’s like to be someone in long-term sobriety. Marc is a pillar in the recovery community, and a perfect example of what living by spiritual principles does for an individual. Marc is a man who clients can relate to, but also someone they can seek guidance from.

Outside of work, Marc is both a proud father to his two kids and an outdoors enthusiast. Marc loves to experience nature and challenge himself hiking. His love of hiking is something he has passed down to his children; according to Marc, before they were able to walk, he would bundle them up and carry them in a pack. Many people would describe Marc as a fitness buff who always eats healthy, but if you catch him at the right time he can be found sneaking out to enjoy some late night fried chicken – his favourite snack.