Client Care Supervisor

Bert Pasqualotto Elevate Life


Elevate Life

Bert is the Client Care Supervisor at the Elevate program. He loves working with his co-workers and volunteers and proudly represents Elevate when liaising with clients, families and outside professionals. He feels truly blessed to be part of an organization that supports his life, work, education and overall recovery goals. After spending 5 years working at a local recovery society, followed by 18 months of graveyard shifts on the DTES, Bert decided to change his situation by enrolling in the Addiction Counselling Program at VCC. Shortly after, he was offered a support position at TWC and his life was positively changed forever. He shows his appreciation by treating clients and co-workers with respect, following through on his duties and by furthering his training and education. Bert likes to be casual and relaxed. When not at work, will find him wearing a collarless, short sleeved graphic t-shirt, going to movies, dining out or cooking meals at home, and almost always listening to a wide selection of punk rock music.