Our integrative approach employs a combination of evidence-based programs as well as traditional 12-step principles. Our clinical staff incorporates cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy(DBT), existential and rational emotive therapy.

Clinical services are delivered by our masters’ level therapists and counselors, and group therapy sessions are facilitated by certified addiction counselors.

Problem-solving, spirituality, health and wellness, community and relationships, along with self-esteem building are essential building blocks to re-creating one’s sense of purpose.

Elevate Life is staffed around the clock by qualified treatment professionals. We offer structures and effective individual and group therapy sessions.

Physical activity and nutrition are fundamental components of the program, and we provide access to numerous fitness and wellness facilities. 

Five-star meals are prepared by executive chef, Ian Yalloway.


At Elevate Life, we believe that a balanced life is the best way to achieve homeostasis in both body and mind. We have partnered with agencies and professionals to ensure clients have access to a complete regimen of health services. This includes membership to Gold’s gym and Oxygen Yoga – both of which are in close proximity to the facility.

Acupuncture treatments are available on a weekly basis, provided by Dr. Kim Graham, Doctor of Chinese Medicine.

Elevate Life also provides a recovery environment that includes opportunities for clients and alumni to participate in structured and supervised athletics & outdoor adventures. 

Along with a number of fitness programs, our clients often take day trips to explore and experience the power of British Columbia’s pristine wilderness. Led by Elevate Life staff and volunteers, clients go on easy to moderate hikes and climbs around the greater Vancouver area.

These athletics and adventure programs allow participants to begin the process of promoting physical fitness, building confidence, and encouraging socialization.


Elevate Life is situated in North Burnaby, British Columbia; a short distance from walking trails, public parks, transit lines, a commercial district and other amenities. Along with a comfortable and spacious living environment, clients also have access to our private patio and fenced yard.

Each of the rooms is private with a double beds and television. There are two common areas, a dining area and a detached counselling and activity room. Individual counselling sessions take place with one of our in-house clinicians. Computers and wi-fi are available for use by clients.