Elevate Life is the ideal choice for clients seeking an intimate, private treatment experience.

Situated in Burnaby, BC, we are a holistic, wellness-based program with an emphasis on clinical care, and a multi-modal platform of treatment for substance use disorders and compulsive behaviors. Our clinical team believes that addictive behavior is a by-product of an underlying condition and that a holistic and therapeutically intensive process is required to enable individuals to heal and live from a more solution-based perspective.

Clients can expect to reside in an ultra-comfortable environment while under our care at Elevate. Elevate has an in-house red seal chef who prepares 3 premium meals per day, as well as a flat-screen TV and superior queen-sized mattress in each room.

Elevate is operated with a focus on client-care and maintains a very high staff to client ratio. Meeting your needs is our number one priority while you stay with us at Elevate.

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